North Texas ASL



Fort Worth, TX November 8th-10th

Game room doors open Friday, Nov 8th at 0800

We do not receive a special Room Rate BUT if there are enough people staying at the hotel, I can request a special rate for you. Let me know if you plan on staying at the hotel when registering.

The initial qualifying round will begin at 0900 Friday (sign in early and be ready to start) with the last scenario played Sunday morning.

  1. The tournament will consist of a Main Tournament and a Master Sergeant Tournament. Players qualifying for the 16 Main Tournament seeds will play for the gorgeous North Texas Shootout trophies. First and second places will be awarded. The Master Sergeant Tournament will award two additional trophies. In addition, Saturday night will feature the Most All Around ASL Player door prizes.
  2. The scenario list with the official tournament scenarios to choose from will be posted one month prior to the tournament (approximately October 17 so we can include the latest and greatest from ASLOK). Choose your top ten and negotiate at the tourney!
  3. The popular "Best Hand, Worst Hand" card game will be back! A variety of gaming/military themed prizes will be awarded during the tourney.
  4. Venue: Holiday Inn Express, 6351 North Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76131. The hotel accommodations are top notch.

    • Complimentary Breakfast
    • Free High Speed Internet access
    • 24 hour indoor swimming pool and exercise room.
    • In room refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker

    There is a plethora of restaurants within walking or quick driving distance. These include Starbucks, McDonalds, Popeye's, Joe's Crab Shack, Waffle House, and Wing Stop.

Directions: Coming from either I-35W North or South, exit at Western Center Boulevard, take the access road south, the hotel is located at the end of the access road. Here's a map.

General Tournament Rules

Determining sides in a scenario: Players should determine their side in a scenario by any mutually agreeable method.

Time Limits: Players are encouraged to take the time they feel they need to play a thoughtful and considerate game. However, excessively slow play is discouraged as it detracts from the enjoyment of the match and may lead to adjudication by the TD.

Adjudication: Matches should be completed in the time alloted for each round. The TD will reserve the right to adjudicate any match that is not finished by the end of a round. When adjudicating a match, the TD will rule in favor of the player he determines to be ahead. The TD will listen to each player's reasoning for victory and will then declare a winner. If the TD cannot decide on a winner, he will appoint a committee of three that will vote to determine a match winner. This vote is binding and final. The TD will interpret rules with help from his assistants, if necessary.

VASL Option: IF BOTH PLAYERS AGREE: I will have VASL set ups for the scenarios. You can bring your computer and play FtF VASL. I will have one laptap available to loan.

Protocol: All players will use a dice cup, box or dice tower where the dice move freely. If one die needs to be re-rolled, both dice will have to be re-rolled. Prior to scenario start, players should determine whether leaning or cocked dice will be re-rolled. NEW (AGAIN) THIS YEAR: We will have a couple laptops available for players that would like to try Face To Face VASL for their game. Scenarios will be pre-loaded, first come first serve (Or bring your own laptop from home!) No comments on other players' games! Players may ask about rules, but comments regarding tactics are not allowed. Unsolicited comments about play are forbidden.

Agree on any options before the bid begins: IIFT, Rules versions, etc.

Set up time should be no more than 20 to 30 minutes for each side.

Set-up corrections: Any player found with troops outside setup area, incorrectly placed, etc. after play has made correction impossible will have those troops removed or broken at non-owning player's discretion.

Players are encouraged to resolve match questions and disagreements among themselves. If the TD is required to intervene or make a decision, the TD's ruling is final and binding.

Rules: Unless otherwise explicitly stated in a scenario, only rules chapters A - E will be used.

Tiebreakers for Main Tournament and Master Sergeant Tournament: Head-to-head play. If you and Jack both end up 4-2, but you beat Fred, you will be ranked higher than Fred.

  • Play against the same opponent. If you and Gary both are 4-2, and you didn't play each other, but you beat Jack and Jack beat Gary, you will be ranked higher than Gary.
  • Total number of wins of the people you defeat. People who defeated better players will be ranked higher.
  • Total number of wins of the people you lost to. People who were defeated by better players will be ranked higher.
  • If these fail to resolve the tie, high roll of two dice will win.